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Kids4 2022 Subscription

By Kristin Gifford

Date Posted 1/10/2022

Kids4, a Twin Cities program for children that supports local community love, literacy and service learning, is getting ready for an awesome 2022. In 2021, our kids met some phenomenal authors (Kao Kalia Yang, Mélina Mangal, Sarah Warren, Harper Bonneur) and worked together on creative ways to serve our communities with local partners (PRISM, Meals on Wheels, Arrive Ministries, Haven Housing). We continue to be committed to supporting Minnesota authors and artists of color, community activists, and local bookstores. We also will continue to provide engaging service learning opportunities for children to support their understanding of equity, justice, racism, and their important role as members of the community.
To best fulfill our mission, this upcoming year we invite you to participate in a Kids4 2022 Subscription. The subscription includes 4 sets of books and materials that you will receive throughout 2022. Each season, winter, spring, summer and fall, participants will receive two books by local authors or artists (purchased from local bookstores) and a kid-friendly activity booklet with resources and ideas for how your family can engage in justice and equity work. Participants will also receive access to regular virtual meetings where kids will be able to share what they are learning and meet some authors, artists, and activists!
Our books and activities are appropriate for ages 4-10, but younger and older children are welcome to participate. Our themes for the year will explore justice, hope, environments, and gratitude. The cost to participate is a suggested $120, which includes all eight books, activity booklets, and virtual events. We will continue to offer Becker Park pop-up gatherings as weather and pandemic permit.
Let us know if you can join us! Check out the reverse for some photos of our past year and some of our upcoming books! Find us at HeartsBrokenEyesOpen.com/Kids4.
Kids4 2022 Subscription Notice
__ Yes, subscribe me to Kids4 2022 (all 4 seasons) __ Yes, subscribe me to winter season only
Name: __________________________________
Kids’ Names & Birthdays:
Address: ________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________
Activity Booklet: ____Digital version only sent to my email
____ Printed version mailed to my home
Cost: ____ $120 Kids4 2022 subscription ($30/season)
or $_____ (amount I am comfortable paying)
____ $20 shipping (total for year)
or ____ pick-up from HBEO in Golden Valley (free)
$______ extra donated for booking fees for authors/artists or for interested
Total included: $_______ Checks payable to Hearts Broken Eyes Open
(2430 Zealand Ave. N., Golden Valley, MN 55427)
Hearts Broken Eyes Open is a state registered non-profit but not 501(3)(c) tax exempt

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