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Kids4! is an anti-racist, service-learning experience for children and families. We believe that kids are meaningful agents of love and action with any gift they offer the community. Our monthly projects are centered around a theme that sheds light on real people in our community (hunger, refugees, seniors, homelessness, etc). Families will receive materials to talk about an area of need in a loving and inclusive way. A really good children’s book will help provide the foundation for this learning. Materials for addressing this need in a creative, kid-friendly way will also be included.

Our Vision In A Nutshell

Local Love

We honor the gifts and insights children provide as we seek ways to strengthen and build our local community through meaningful ways to connect and contribute.

Local Literacy

We share works by diverse local authors and illustrators and purchase books from local bookstores owned by people of color.

Local Service-Learning

Our projects create an anti-racist learning experience for children and families, providing education about local needs and sharing the truth that our community is strongest when we all love and serve each other.

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Use this form to send us any questions. Please include your name and email. We are excited about inviting everyone into this conversation. Thank you!