Hearts Broken Eyes Open

Pursing Social Justice & Awareness

#HeartsBrokenEyesOpen is a group of Christians in the Twin Cities committed to seeking social justice through community service & spiritual healing. We need your voice!

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My Voice Matters


  • A platform that seeks racial justice through elevating the voices of people of color in order that Christ may be known
  • To create necessary tension for a church about their part in racial injustice in order to expose sin and cause transformation


  • To create a safe place for BIPOC voices to be heard
  • To use scripture to expose the evil of racism and the truth of God’s heart for racial justice
  • To discover the receptivity of the local community to these messages and begin to establish bridges out to the community based on a willingness to seek justice together
  • To reflect as a group and individuals, grow in transformation and leadership and seek ways to continue this work despite potential pushback from within the church or without

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