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Kids4 Neurodiversity - Autism!

By Kris Gifford

Date Posted 10/17/2021

Kids4 Gathering: Saturday, October 23, 12:30-2:00, Becker Park
Hello families and hello fall! We know the weather is getting a bit chillier but our upcoming Kids4 books and activities have us feeling warm and happy. Kids4 will focus on neurodiversity this month, with an emphasis on autism. We are excited to highlight the work of local author, broadcaster and autism advocate Sheletta Brundidge. Sheletta has four children, three of whom are autistic. Her children’s books are wonderful stories about her own children and the adventures they have had. While Sheletta cannot join us at the park, we will still read her stories and have several copies available. You can purchase your own copy of Cameron Goes to School & Daniel Finds His Voice on Amazon if you want. You can check out the viral tweet of Sheletta’s son Daniel singing his first words here! Or read along with Sheletta in this video!
Saturday will also feature Redmon’s Popcorn, a t-shirt giveaway, a mobile little free library, a pencil fidget craft, and some movement! As an additional community service project, your family could consider making extra pencil fidgets or buying some sensory toys to create a calming/sensory kit to donate to a classroom.
The best thing you can do as a family is to learn more about autism and how to talk with your child about the experiences of autistic people. Here are some resources to help:
- “Autism is just another way for people’s brains to work.”
- “People on the autism spectrum are all different and totally unique...people with autism are as different from each other as the colors of the rainbow are from each other.”
- “Some people with autism can have ticklish senses...some people with autism use [movements] to feel calm...some people with autism can be very, very interested in certain things...some people with autism like routines...a lot.”
- “All people with autism have feelings.”
- “All people with autism can be friends with people who don’t have autism.”
Local Autism Organizations:
Video Resources for Children:
- Daniel Tiger--- Daniel’s New Friend Max-
- Sesame Street--- Meet Julia-
Children’s Books About Autism (available at Hennepin County Library):
- The Boy with the Big, Big Feelings- by Britney Winn Lee
- Nathan’s Autism Spectrum Super Powers- by Lori Leigh Yarborough
- All My Stripes - by Shaina Rudolph & Danielle Royer
- Margot and the Moon Landing- by A.C. Fitzpatrick
- The Invisible Boy- by Trudy Ludwig
- Uniquely Wired- by Julia Cook
- The Survival Guide- for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders by Elizabeth Verdick

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