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Fall Event

By Kris Gifford

Date Posted 9/18/2021

Hearts Broken Eyes Open would like to thank you for partnering with our Kids4 programming this past summer! April-July was full of fun and meaningful ways that children engaged in literacy, connected to community through acts of service and enjoyed a diverse group of local authors. To read about each project, please check out our blog.
Recently, our organization became a Minnesota non-profit. While our status doesn’t allow for a federal tax deduction on donations, we now have a bank account dedicated to our work and donations can be made securely via our site. Kids4 is continuing in its mission to make diverse, local literacy and service learning available to all children--thank you in advance for any financial partnership you are able to provide.
This fall and winter, we are continuing to partner with local authors and local organizations. Our format is shifting slightly--rather than rely on project bags containing supplies, the books we are featuring and our activities will be available online and at our in-person events. Books will also be available for purchase at our events.
Here are some things to look forward to:
Becker Park, Crystal: This park pop-up event will feature book signing, fun run, free popcorn. At noon we will host reading of the book Everybody Love Your Body with local mother/daughter author team, Paulette & Harper Bonneur
October--Kids4 Neurodiversity
December--Kids4 The Hungry
Please contact us with any questions or ideas!
Lex, Jodi, & Kris

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