Image of moon in dark sky through clouds


By Lex Kolstad

Date Posted 5/02/2021

To the people who say love is blind:
well, yeah there's truth in that.
But this here is not just about love--
it's about truth and fact--accurate
explanations and depictions of a situation.
Like when black bodies are stretched on the pavement
and brown bodies are trapped in cages whilst
Asian bodies lay slain in spa places
and I hear select few Caucasians
in the background asking
"What does race have to do with that?"
"This is a great nation!”
“How dare you speak bad on that?"
"Where are your truths” and
“Where are your facts?"
But truth and facts show the
degradation of people of color.
And even though those truths and facts
are watered down by racists and their children,
history shows that lawmakers
can also be the red handed law breakers
with blood on their hands.
How dare you say comply to an unjust system
where dogs get better treatment than a person
who just wants a piece of the dream?
I am not angry, irate or wrong--
I am the one living
in the world of the unheard
and unseen.
And as the moon rises and falls just one more day,
I hold tight my children as they laugh and they play.
I feel the sorrow of those mothers whose tears burn
in my heart--the injustice is seared.
When can the healing start?
Can we gather with families just to play at the park,
without being called savages and unruly just because our skin is dark….
I know my voice matters, my truths and my facts
but wait there's this thing called love
and justice is not supposed to be blind to that.
Lex Kolstad is a dedicated mother of two whose passion is to educate the youth on diversity by joining in love with families in our communities to help serve others. Lex Kolstad, with the help of her husband and family, plans to help get her voice heard through her new found love in writing poetry.

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